20 Reasons I Love Bali

There’s a reason behind why Bali remains one of the number one international destinations for Australian travellers to visit. With some of the world’s best beaches, divine cuisines, extraordinary nightlife and vast range of cultural activities, it is no surprise as to why people turn to Bali for an escape away from home.

Here are 20 reasons why I love Bali

1. Nobody does an entrance to the beach like they do

2. Alcohol is ridiculously cheap!

3. Everyday is a pool day

4. The sunsets are INSANE

5. Why pay for a pedicure when you can have hundreds of little fish nibble at your feet instead?

6. Tired at work? No problemo, just take a nap on the floor

7. Mmmmmm, coconuts

8. And the food’s not too shabby either

9. Because who DOESN’T want to feed an elephant?

TIP- Just don’t turn your back and pose for a photo with food in both hands. The face says it all.

10. If you haven’t been to Tommy’s you haven’t been to Bali. 2 words, ICE MILO.


12. What road rules?

I mean come on. This guy legit took off with 14 crates of bottles on the back of his bike

13. They sell alcohol on the beach. AMEN.

14. You can volunteer to set baby turtles free into the wild

Go on little dude, you can do it!

15. What better way to party than with a view on one of their rooftop bars

16. Bintang. Need I say more

17. Only the Aussies will understand

18. Forget about the local grocer, go see my old mate Wayan for all of your mushroom needs

19. Because no one does customer service like the Balinese

20. Pool bars. Because who doesn’t want to go for a swim and get pissed at the same time?

Until next time Bali!



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