My Oktoberfest Experience – Bucket List #67

Two weeks ago I ticked  #67 off my Bucket List and jumped on a flight headed to Munich, Germany for my first ever Oktoberfest experience.  Due to the copious amount of beer I consumed, lack of sleep I had, and the few too many drunken stumbles that occurred, my body is still recovering! Continue reading

The Day Altea Stole my Heart

It’s really no wonder why the people of the Costa Blanca  refer to Altea as their hidden gem. Located between Benidorm and Calpe along Spain’s ‘White Coast’, Altea is without a doubt one of the most charming and beautiful towns I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.


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A Guide to London’s Attractions in Under 48 Hours

London, there really is no other place on earth like it. A city so diverse and full of culture, creativity, history and charm, you’re almost guaranteed to fall in love with it. It comes as no surprise that so many Australians have, and continue to, claim London as their home away from home.

Unfortunately, due to the sheer size of London, unless you plan to relocate to “The Old Smoke” to live it is extremely unlikely you will have the chance to experience and see every corner of what this buzzing city has to offer. If you are however planning a trip to London soon and are determined to see and experience as many of the main attractions as you can with limited time on your hands then you’re in luck, I have put together an itinerary to assist you with squeezing the most out of London in under 48 hours! Continue reading

Germany- The Weird and Wonderful of Living in Deutschland

When I decided to pack my bags and begin the long 26 hour journey from Tasmania to Germany I wasn’t entirely sure what was in store for me. This would not only be the first of my European destinations to see and explore but my first experience living abroad!

After hours of research and consideration on the best way for me to really see and experience as much of Europe as I could (for as long as I could)I decided what better way to do so then to really immerse myself into the culture and actually live abroad.

Germany seemed like the perfect place for me to base myself giving it being so central to the rest of Europe and on the door step to so many surrounding countries just waiting for me to explore. I also decided to take on the exciting challenge of living day to day within a country where English was spoken as a second language.

Although I had done my research and thought I knew everything there was to what lay ahead for me on this journey, there were quite a few things (both good, bad and interesting) I had to discover for myself. Continue reading

10 Top Tips for Travelling on a Budget

If you’re anything like me then the idea of spontaneously packing a bag and boarding a flight to a destination far away from your every day is exhilarating and exciting. That said, your bank balance may not always agree with such a flight of fancy and your plans are soon upended by the realisation that your financial position is more aligned to a weekend in bed watching Netflix and snacking on popcorn.

Don’t be disheartened, here are 10 of my top tips for saving money whilst travelling on a budget Continue reading